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Ceramics, Quartz, Metals & Plastics

ECS/CQM, your choice in Ceramic Components and Parts Engineering.

We are ISO certified company ISO9001:2015

From Technical Ceramics and Quartz to now including high performance metal and plastic materials, we manufacture high precision parts. Whatever your business needs ECS Manufacturing Inc. and CQM Technology work with our customers in every way from process to help build their market position. Designing and creating.

CQM Technology is a wholly owned subsidiary of ECS Manufacturing Inc; New York, USA, the solution provider for ceramic components and engineering materials for many industries such as the aerospace, jet engine, security systems, high temperature industrial equipment, semiconductor and specialty machine tooling designs.

With over 35 years of experience, ECS Manufacturing Inc. has become a global supplier of high-value-added precision products for many applications.

Our efforts and experience as a leading manufacturer of many types and designs of specialty parts and components enables us to provide solutions for machining parts with high tolerance precision in our 30,000 square feet facility in Prai Industrial Estate, Penang Malaysia.

We deliver quality products.
Every product is performed with very high precision machining, CNC, grinding, machine tools and advanced equipment that goes through meticulous manufacturing processes and top of the line inspection equipment to maintain the quality that our customers have come to expect.

Quality control systems are implemented on all products to ensure the highest of quality and tolerances.

In the age where technology almost inevitably means mass production, our products are still made with precision by our highly-trained technicians, together with the state-of-the-art equipment.
A commitment to training and development for all of our employees.

Leveraging on our expertise, we began to transform from the traditional machining and grinding to venture into the high-precision industries. Moving forward, we have been investing extensively in CNC equipment to expand our precision engineering capabilities.

Strengthening our precision craftsmanship drives our innovation process. The boundaries of what is achievable are always changing. We believe in total customer satisfaction.

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